“I compared a lot of school options before coming to Lima. Ecela was the best option in every sense! I’ve learned so much, and not just Spanish. ”


Daniel Glas

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Spanish Immersion Course + Clinical Medical Shadowing
Suitable for Prehealth Students

Gain Healthcare Experience
The healthcare component of the course includes field visits to health specialty clinics and (opitional) medical shadowing.

Improve Communication Skills
Within a few years the USA will likely have the world's second largest Spanish-speaking population, behind only Mexico.

Flexible Choice of Programs
You can choose between Argentina, Chile, and Peru for your medical Spanish immersion program.  Programs run from three weeks to six months.

Email:  info@ecela.com

Call Us:  1 (347) 329-5506

Affordable Program Cost
We are committed to giving you a high quality study abroad experience at a reasonable price.  Don't forget to ask us about financial aid. 

“The staff is very vigilant of its students, ensuring that they are placed in safe home stays, and that all their needs are taken care of.

Elizabeth Vansteenwyk

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Rhodes College
Pomona College
University of Minnesota

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