Spanish Course

Nine weeks of Spanish immersion.  Gets you credit for 3 college courses.

Social Services


Volunteering and observation of counseling professionals in Chile or Argentina.

Cultural Immersion


Live with a local host family, including sharing breakfast and dinner.

What is Spanish & Counseling?

Our goal is for you to gain the language skills and cultural empathy for safe, effective, and friendly communication with your future Spanish-speaking clients.

Here's how we do it:

"Let's make sure future social workers and psychologists have the language skills to treat their Spanish-speaking clients like welcome members of the community."

Cecilia Quezada
Spanish & Medicine Director

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Volunteering Abroad

For Psi Chi Members...

"The experience I gained while volunteering was not only eye-opening but also increased my confidence both in speaking Spanish as well as working in a professional environment."

Tess Hansen
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spanish & Counseling Study Abroad

Spanish immersion PLUS field exposure in Argentina, Chile and Peru

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