“I compared a lot of school options before coming to Lima. Ecela was the best option in every sense! I’ve learned so much, and not just Spanish. ”


Daniel Glas

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Spanish Immersion Course + Environmental Studies
Did you know the USA has more Spanish speakers than Spain? 
Prepare for your future and learn necessary language skills while gaining environmental experience at Peru's Manu National Park.

Gain Environmental Experience
Manu National Park, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, with wild plant and animal life uninhibited by human interference.

Improve Communication Skills
Within a few years the USA will likely have the world's second largest Spanish-speaking population, behind only Mexico.

Flexible Choice of Programs
If you can't make the group program in Cusco, you can study in our year-round standard programs in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. 

Email:  info@ecela.com

Call Us:  1 (347) 329-5506

Affordable Program Cost
We are committed to giving you a high quality study abroad experience at a reasonable price.  Don't forget to ask us about financial aid. 

“The staff is very vigilant of its students, ensuring that they are placed in safe home stays, and that all their needs are taken care of.

Elizabeth Vansteenwyk

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Are Language Schools Education Loopholes?

Even a top end language school like ECELA (Español y Cultura en LatinoAmerica) is dirt-cheap compared to today's college tuitions, with cost per hour about $10 (even less if studying more than six weeks).  Compare that to $22/hour for in-state tuition and up to $75 at private schools.

Factor in the added benefits from ultra-small classes (our maximum class size is eight) and you can see why savvy undergrads find language schools an "educational loophole":  the value difference is astounding.

Financial savings is only one incentive for coming to South America.  Experiencing a new culture, making new friends from around the world, and of course, quickly learning the language, are all top reasons for a Spanish immersion trip.

Spanish & Education Program Costs*

Cusco, Peru (Summer 2013)  Four weeks Spanish (one semester course) plus environmental studies trip:  $2,290

* In all cases, housing and plane tickets are not included and depend on your preferences.

Program Components

Spanish Course

Environmental Studies

Housing (Optional)

Six weeks of small-group (max 8 students per class) Spanish instruction gives you the equivalent of a college semester course.

At the Manu Learning Center, you will study the flora and fauna of Peru firsthand with peoples who live and work in the forest. Relevant Spanish terminology will also be covered.

Experience the culture in depth by living with a local host family or share an apartment with other students.

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