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Spanish & Medicine, Santiago: Home to Latin America’s most advanced healthcare system, Santiago, Chile is a fantastic location to study Spanish & Medicine. You will learn about the differences between private vs. public healthcare in one of South America’s most successful economies and get practical experience in either a volunteer or medical shadowing position. Guest lectures, hospital visits and more will give you real-world insight as to how rapid economic development affects healthcare and viceversa. Come learn Spanish in Chile and get a sense of the everyday life of patients and physicians on the other side of the world.
Spanish & Medicine, Cusco: Nestled in the heart of the Andes, Cusco is a city whose history of healthcare and healing is one that straddles two cultures, philosophies and worldviews. You will be exposed to modern-day Western healthcare in local hospitals and clinics, whose resources are often stretched and whose patients live in relative poverty. But here there is also traditional Andean medicine, in the form of plants and herbs, healers and shamans, a side of healthcare that you likely have never been exposed to and which will surely inspire you when you witness it.
Spanish & Medicine, Buenos Aires: Undoubtedly the most popular destination in South America, Buenos Aires is a city whose history alone makes it worth a visit. Various economic hardships have strained its public healthcare system and patient resources. However, its nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals are dedicated to their practice despite these hardships and will impart their fortitude and knowledge on you during volunteering, medical shadowing and guest lectures. This is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to see a different side of the Paris of South America.
Spanish & Law: This program is ideal for students interested in international law, human rights law, or just picking up a valuable world language. As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a hub for both local and national government and legal centers. Guest lectures from local attorneys, visits to important historical sites and magisterial offices will give you a well-rounded vision of both historical and contemporary Argentine law and legal struggles. Sure to help you stand out on future law school applications, the Spanish & Law program is a first-rate option for those looking to make an impression in their studies and future career.
Spanish & Social Work: With a population approaching 9 million, Lima is an optimal location for combining Spanish language studies and social work. A large portion of the Peruvian population lives in poverty, much of them concentrated in Lima’s metropolitan area. You will have opportunities to learn about the economic strains on Peru’s poor and also give back to the local community via volunteer work with different local organizations. This practical experience aids both aspects of your education, as you will be able to practice your Spanish and participate firsthand in the social services available to low-income Peruvians in both the public and private sectors.
Spanish & Psychology: Argentina is one of the world’s leaders in active psychoanalysis – for every 100,000 people, the country offers 196 practicing psychologists. Contrary to American notions of psychotherapy being private and not discussed, Argentines embrace the field of psychoanalysis with open arms. There is even a neighborhood named after Sigmund Freud! By combining Spanish language studies with guest lectures, visits to addiction treatment centers and more, you will diversify your skillset within the field of psychology and broaden your understanding of this fascinating subject and the cultural psychology of Argentina.
Spanish & Performance Arts: Buenos Aires is the arts capital of South America, by far. Famous for its theatre, opera, music and dance, this city’s capacity for breathtaking performing arts knows no bounds. You will participate in workshops at various theaters and cultural centers and learn the essentials of artistic and technical skills in the field. On top of that, you will also be able to spend time observing professionals preparing for a production and get an up-close view of all of the intricacies involved in each performance. Our group Spanish courses will give you the ability to express yourself in the native language of this stimulating environment.
Spanish & Tango: Few dances on Earth are as exquisite as the Tango. While it is now a style recognized worldwide, its origins can be found right here in the streets of Buenos Aires. Our Tango program includes both group and private classes at the renowned institute Mayoral y Elsa Maria, whose exceptional instructors will help you conquer the Tango in no time. Your new Spanish skills will prepare you for trips to milongas, local Tango socials, where you can dance and chat the night away with locals and foreigners alike.
Spanish & Ski/Snowboard: Santiago proves that it is not impossible to enjoy winter sports year-round! Our winter is your summer, and we invite you to the southern hemisphere to take advantage of some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. You will visit several different Andean resorts just a short trip from downtown Santiago. Once you get there, you will see what all the buzz is about – the views are awe-inspiring and each trail more thrilling than the next.
Spanish & Surf: Lima’s coastal location makes it an obvious destination for some of the continent’s best surfing. Experienced instructors will teach you how to navigate the impressive Pacific waves, whether you are a beginner or seasoned surfer. Excellent weather year-round means that it’s always a good day to surf, no matter what. ECELA Lima is located in the lovely neighborhood of Miraflores, just steps from the beach and the perfect place to unwind after a day of studying Spanish, surfing, or both!
Spanish & Gastronomy: Peruvian cuisine is a point of national pride, as it should be. Its popularity has led to Peruvian restaurants opening up across the Americas and Europe, but here you can appreciate at its source. Traditional Peruvian staples have been influenced by African, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese cooking styles due to the many waves of immigration to Peru over the last centuries. You will learn how to prepare authentic local favorites in cooking classes, such as ceviche, and also be able to sample many more dishes during trips to restaurants and other gastronomic emporiums.
Spanish & Education: For educators in the US, it is becoming increasingly important to possess some Spanish skills for the benefit of both students and their families. Here in Lima, you will be able to observe the educational system in a local classroom while simultaneously studying this valuable language. Additionally, guest speakers working within Lima’s public and private education system will round out your knowledge of teaching methods and other related topics. Whether you wish to teach Spanish, ESL or any other topic, this program is sure to benefit you and add spark to your resume in the future.
Spanish & Anthropology: Few areas in the world offer a wealth of knowledge and history as great as Cusco. The city and surrounding area are brimming with archaeological sites, including one of the man-made Wonders of the World, the Inca city of Machu Picchu. On top of that, it is a place where traditional and contemporary cultures meet, helping cultivate an atmosphere unlike any other. You will study the sociocultural history of the Cusco valley as well as contemporary issues facing indigenous groups in the region. Spanish language studies will help introduce you to Latin America’s most common field language.
Spanish & Environmental Studies: This program begins in Cusco with Spanish courses and ends in Manu National Park, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. It is one of the few places were you can observe wild plant and animal life uninhibited by human interference. You will learn about the flora and fauna of Peru firsthand from peoples who live and work in the forest. Relevant Spanish terminology regarding forestry, sustainability, agriculture and biodiversity will also be covered at the Manu Learning Center. This program will be a unique and treasured experience for all who participate.
Spanish & Political Science: From socialism to dictatorship to modern economic success story, Chile’s political history is at once tumultous and remarkable. You will study 20th and early 21st-century Chilean politics, covering the formative years of post-independence through the 2010 elections that unseated the center-left Concertación government for the first time in nearly 20 years. Guest lectures, visits to museums and other relevant sites around the capital city will augment your understanding of this fascinating nation. In addition to diversifying your knowledge of Latin American politics, Spanish language skills will aid you in future endeavors in practically any field related to political science.
Spanish & Internship: There has never been a better time to intern abroad; international experience and foreign language skills are becoming ever more essential in a competitive job market. Our internship program in Santiago will get you ready for entry into the workforce, whether in another country or at home in the US. The program begins with four to eight weeks of intensive language study and concludes with a two to nine-month internship in various fields, including marketing, tourism and hotel management, economics, international business, language instruction (English, French and German) and news media.

Spanish & Journalism:  In recent years, journalism and related fields in the US have seen a marked increase in need for Spanish-speaking professionals in all positions. This program in Buenos Aires offers you the chance to spend time with local professionals, learning more about their day-to-day work and experiences. Our Spanish courses will help you take the plunge into conversations with your mentors and get to know their work on a much deeper level. Guest lectures regarding communications theory and practice in Argentina will provide you a strong foundation that will aid in the practical component. of this program.

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